Community Edition

Its basically done.  I started working on this site so I can have a site specifically for this effort.  I have the installation instructions and need to paste that.  I will *try* to get that done tomorrow but have other things I need to do.   Looking forward to you guys using it and testing it.  Send me pics of it in your vehicles so I can put it on social media!


Welcome to the NexGenEFI site!

We’re under construction so a few things may not work as expected on this website. 🙂

The Shop is there but disabled.  It will open up when the Pro Edition is available for purchase.

There is alot of development going on for the Pro Edition.  While the codebase is the same, the implementation is different.  Also the firmware for the Pro Edition will not function on the Community Edition (aka. a new ESP32).  It is designed to run on the custom PCB and secured using a crypto chip to reduce piracy.   Same goes for the Layouts.  Pro Edition layouts are designed to specifically work with the Pro Edition code.  So while there are similarities, internally they are much different and layout-wise also different.

In addition to the above there are other types of displays that are in-design.  We’re not stopping with just the standard display you see.  Keep checking back or follow the Facebook/Insta page for product updates!

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