Support Instructions are available in the Support Menu.

Do not forget to REGISTER on the NexGenEFI Support & Technical Forum.  This is where you can post questions AND download updates, hear about new products.

The following menu options are available:

  1. Technical Specs gives some tech specs and physical measurements including mounting screw type/size.
  2. Pro Edition Configuration Screens– This goes over how to configure the Pro Edition Digital Dash.
  3. Pro Edition Layout Overview– This goes over the layout features.
  4. Pro Edition Wireless Updating– This explains how to update the NexLINK Pro ECU Interface.
  5. Pro Edition NexLINK Manual Updating– whoops! You didnt read the Release notes and updated out of order.  This will help fix your wagon wheel!
  6. Pro Edition Display Updating This explains how to update the DISPLAY ITSELF with new layouts.
  7. Generic Sensors Updating Explains how to create Labels/Ranges for the generic sensors your ECU has available.
  8. LED Configuration How to set up the 5 customizable LED warning lights.
  9. Fuel Sender Calibration How to configure your sending unit with the digital dash.
  10. Megasquirt Configuration How to configure your Megasquirt 3 ECU with the digital dash.
  11. Pro Edition Troubleshooting-You’ll find answers to common issues.  It will be in video format or text or both.
  12. Warranty
  13. Conditions

If you are still stuck, please use the Contact NexGenEFI page and we’ll reach out to you.

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