Pro Edition

ECUs Supported

MegaSquirt 3 variants
Speeduino CANBus
Link Engine Management
Holley Terminator X/Max/Dominator
(..more coming! I'm coding as you read this!)


4.3"*, 5.0", 7.0", 10.1" Touchscreen Displays.
Multiple Display configurations available.

* Anything smaller than 5", please get with me on layout requirements PRIOR TO ORDERING. Some layouts will need customizing as the display is too small.


ESP32 Dual Core - BOTH cores utilized to maximize processing power. All code written in C++ and optimized for speed.


All ECUs utilize 8 unique layouts

Standard Layouts display 5 User Defined Data points, Race Layouts display 9 User Defined Data points in addition to the RPM, Speed and Fuel Level.

Additional Layouts will be designed and made available for purchase in addition to free layouts which are designed as upgrade packs.

*Customized layouts can be designed for a fee.


Updates for the PRO Edition are done wireless using your web browser.
Updates to the Touchscreen display are done via microSD card.

The Pro Edition will have new features added which are available as a FREE update!


Custom designed PCB with 1 year warranty on PCB.
Custom Case for the selected display.
Instant-On - no waiting for bootup.
Bluetooth Capabilities for GPS, TPMS and future capabilities.
16 LEDs for shift light, 5 fully configurable by the End User.
BLE TPMS Sensors for all 4 tires or just 2.
Inputs for blinkers, fuel sending unit, high beams. Additional inputs will be made available.

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