Pro Edition LED Configuration

LED Configuration

The NexGenEFI Pro Edition digital dash has 16 LED lights which run across the top of the display.  The 5 CENTER LEDs are configurable to turn on based on user settings.  The other 11 are used as a SHIFT LIGHT, yellow color by default.

To access the LED Configuration screen, you will need to go to the main Configuration Screen and press the LED button.

In our example below, we are going to configure middle 5 LEDs.   Starting with the first LED, we want the BATtery to be monitored and if the voltage is LESS THAN or EQUAL TO 12, turn the LED to ORANGE.  The BAT is pulled from CANBus.  So the datapoints you are monitoring will be in the combo box.

Once you are done configuring, hit SAVE otherwise your LED configuration will not be retained.

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