Final PCB

Received the new v1.3 PCB, fresh off the press!  

30% smaller, surface mount GPS, internal improvements.

Played around with the GPS, it works, pulls down 10hz updates.  I’ll play around with it some more.


Working with both of my graphics designers to optimize layouts and also create new layouts.  I should have some sort of progress report on that at least by this Sunday.

Beta Testers

FuelTech – not concerned.  Doing a final test but I ran that code 3x already. LOL.  Just want to be sure.

  1. Megasquirt- I run the EFI Source Gold Box, it works.  Tested against my Camaro.
  2. Speeduino Serial/CAN- Serial works.  CAN also I believe.
  3. MaxxECU- Already tested internally.
  4. ECUMaster – Already tested internally.
  5. OBD2 – Already tested internally.

What that means is I am sending out Pro Edition 7″ and 10″ displays to select Beta Testers that way they can hook it up to their vehicle, report back on what they like, dont like and so on.  I’ll tackle suggestions in 3 Categories: Must Have, Should Have and Would Like.  Must Haves will be knocked out, Should Have depends on level of effort and Would Like goes into the Backlog/prioritized to be worked incrementally.

Additional EFI Systems

Holley is coming up.  There are also more, I just need to look thru my list and prioritize.

If you are an EFI manufacturer and would like me to support your EFI system, please get in contact with me.

Release Date

I am looking at a December 1, 2023 release date.  I’ll have special Christmas pricing for the 7″ and 10″ Pro Edition displays.

v1.2 PCB (L) and v1.3 PCB (R)

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