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ECU Testing progress

Had some fun today.  Headed down to see Chad Berryhill over at Chadata Tuning who has been extremely helpful with his wide array of knowledge for many aftermarket ECUs.

Today I tested (for the last time) Holley code.  I had made updates to pull as much info from the CAN stream and wanted to ensure 100% compatibility.   Took out my beater display which has seen its fair share of bumps.  Its based on the old case design which I personally like.  It is available so I’ll add it to the website just in case someone else wants that same design.

Anyway, today’s test was with the Holley Term X TBI rig on a SBC, naturally aspirated.

Here ya go!

Haltech ECU test

The next test was with the Haltech Elite 2500 series.  I have all of the code written but need to make minor changes.  So this video was to test connectivity, data transfer speed and just read RPM. 

Worked perfect.  I’ll update the rest of the code and ensure data points are available in the Configuration Screen.

Here ya go!



How I track the work for the Pro Edition.

Alot has been going on behind the scenes.  I have 3 layouts created with another 3-4 on the way.  I need to make sure I can fit all of those on the Nextion itself.

The layouts are almost fully functional with small things like blinkers, warning lights and so on which need code written to support them.

TPMS BLE sensor code took me a few hours to write.  I can support two or four sensors which will be available as an add-on.

Still alot more code needs to be written and I’m testing as I go along.


New PCB has been created.  As I go thru writing code there are things that either myself or my PCB designer add / remove / improve.

Added was an accelerometer that way I can write code so you can test your 1/4 mile ET on street.

We’re going to add a SMT GPS but not this initial version.  For now I’m going to use the GPS that I’ve been writing code for.

The LED Shift light board is also being printed.  You’ll be able to configure the colors, sweep (L-R, In-Out etc).

These PCB runs are going to go out to beta testers.

So far a ton of good progress and minor road bumps but going really well!


Looks like a bug was found in the CANBus side.  I fixed it and released an update to the code.  Also added an additional check if the ESP32 and the Nextion cannot communicate, the BLUE LED will blink on the ESP32.  Its avail on the Community Edition link.

Progress Update

Community Edition: Pretty soon I’m going to have a very small update.  What that will do is check to see if the ESP32 can communicate with the Nextion 7″ display.  If it cannot, the BLUE LED will flash on the ESP32 until connectivity is established.

Pro Edition:
All of my development is happening on an esp32 on a breakout board. I should have some connectors here today and will move my dev code to the custom PCB. Once I get a few layouts done I’m going to be looking to send a few units out to Beta Testers. Beta Testers can get it with a case or without, up to you. But remember, how you mount it without a case is up to you. Please ensure you do not short circuit anything etc.

Pro Edition layouts: Here’s 3 that are in progress.  The first is the “Futuristic” layout which is currently being configured.  The next two are more retro layouts but I have not chosen which will be in the Pro Edition yet.

Pro Edition Layout progress

Here’s a layout thats being designed.  Looks OK.  Still a work in progress and has more that needs to be done.

In general, there is alot left to do on the display side of the house since it will be different than the Community Edition.

Wireless Data transmission

Testing out this Lilygo 2.1″ display to see how it would work sending real-time AFR data wirelessly from the Pro Edition development setup. It went well. I will NOT be using this in my Ecosystem, not because of lack of performance but capabilities and features that are not on the unit Lilygo sells.

Instead there is a custom PCB already designed for this type of work and various features it will support.


Sending data to two displays

Decided to play a little bit and threw together some code to send data to the Nextion display and wireless direct to the LCD.

Code not optimized so data gets to the round display first.

Testing different displays

One of the things I like looking at is what the market has out there for displays.  Not everything needs to be gigantic.  Small displays have a place in the auto industry.

Below is the Lilygo ESP32-S3 2.1 inch Round Display Touch Screen.  I threw on a resized RPM gauge from the Community Edition which is why it doesnt look sharp.  Then I had my wife make a png file of a transparent dial.  I wrote some code to make all this happen but havent written the code to “turn the dial” yet.  The gradient in the gauge is in the original image and hasnt been removed.

The second is another Lilygo display, a T4 v1.3 2.4″ LCD.  I had some fun with this one.  Created a starfield that is flying by with NexGenEFI bouncing around.  That was cool.
Both of these have a decent amount of horsepower and capabilities.  I’m not sure I’d use this in my lineup just yet as what I have will most likely require a custom PCB.  BUT I *CAN* do something with this.


ESP32-S3 2.1 inch Round Display Touch Screen
T4 V1.3 ILI9341 2.4 inch LCD Display
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