Progress Update

Community Edition: Pretty soon I’m going to have a very small update.  What that will do is check to see if the ESP32 can communicate with the Nextion 7″ display.  If it cannot, the BLUE LED will flash on the ESP32 until connectivity is established.

Pro Edition:
All of my development is happening on an esp32 on a breakout board. I should have some connectors here today and will move my dev code to the custom PCB. Once I get a few layouts done I’m going to be looking to send a few units out to Beta Testers. Beta Testers can get it with a case or without, up to you. But remember, how you mount it without a case is up to you. Please ensure you do not short circuit anything etc.

Pro Edition layouts: Here’s 3 that are in progress.  The first is the “Futuristic” layout which is currently being configured.  The next two are more retro layouts but I have not chosen which will be in the Pro Edition yet.
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