Testing different displays

One of the things I like looking at is what the market has out there for displays.  Not everything needs to be gigantic.  Small displays have a place in the auto industry.

Below is the Lilygo ESP32-S3 2.1 inch Round Display Touch Screen.  I threw on a resized RPM gauge from the Community Edition which is why it doesnt look sharp.  Then I had my wife make a png file of a transparent dial.  I wrote some code to make all this happen but havent written the code to “turn the dial” yet.  The gradient in the gauge is in the original image and hasnt been removed.

The second is another Lilygo display, a T4 v1.3 2.4″ LCD.  I had some fun with this one.  Created a starfield that is flying by with NexGenEFI bouncing around.  That was cool.
Both of these have a decent amount of horsepower and capabilities.  I’m not sure I’d use this in my lineup just yet as what I have will most likely require a custom PCB.  BUT I *CAN* do something with this.


ESP32-S3 2.1 inch Round Display Touch Screen
T4 V1.3 ILI9341 2.4 inch LCD Display
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