ECU Support update

ECU Testing progress

Had some fun today.  Headed down to see Chad Berryhill over at Chadata Tuning who has been extremely helpful with his wide array of knowledge for many aftermarket ECUs.

Today I tested (for the last time) Holley code.  I had made updates to pull as much info from the CAN stream and wanted to ensure 100% compatibility.   Took out my beater display which has seen its fair share of bumps.  Its based on the old case design which I personally like.  It is available so I’ll add it to the website just in case someone else wants that same design.

Anyway, today’s test was with the Holley Term X TBI rig on a SBC, naturally aspirated.

Here ya go!

Haltech ECU test

The next test was with the Haltech Elite 2500 series.  I have all of the code written but need to make minor changes.  So this video was to test connectivity, data transfer speed and just read RPM. 

Worked perfect.  I’ll update the rest of the code and ensure data points are available in the Configuration Screen.

Here ya go!

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