Community Edition



How I track the work for the Pro Edition.

Alot has been going on behind the scenes.  I have 3 layouts created with another 3-4 on the way.  I need to make sure I can fit all of those on the Nextion itself.

The layouts are almost fully functional with small things like blinkers, warning lights and so on which need code written to support them.

TPMS BLE sensor code took me a few hours to write.  I can support two or four sensors which will be available as an add-on.

Still alot more code needs to be written and I’m testing as I go along.


New PCB has been created.  As I go thru writing code there are things that either myself or my PCB designer add / remove / improve.

Added was an accelerometer that way I can write code so you can test your 1/4 mile ET on street.

We’re going to add a SMT GPS but not this initial version.  For now I’m going to use the GPS that I’ve been writing code for.

The LED Shift light board is also being printed.  You’ll be able to configure the colors, sweep (L-R, In-Out etc).

These PCB runs are going to go out to beta testers.

So far a ton of good progress and minor road bumps but going really well!


Looks like a bug was found in the CANBus side.  I fixed it and released an update to the code.  Also added an additional check if the ESP32 and the Nextion cannot communicate, the BLUE LED will blink on the ESP32.  Its avail on the Community Edition link.

Community Edition News

Bug Fix:
Leftover code caused an issue.  Reported by a user.  Version 1.01 is ready for Download on the Community Edition page.

Created a video so you can at least double check to make sure the ESP32 and Nextion display are communicating.  Located on the Community Edition page.

Community Edition

Its basically done.  I started working on this site so I can have a site specifically for this effort.  I have the installation instructions and need to paste that.  I will *try* to get that done tomorrow but have other things I need to do.   Looking forward to you guys using it and testing it.  Send me pics of it in your vehicles so I can put it on social media!


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