Progress Update

ECU Support

Holley EFI has been added to the list.  Terminator X, Dominator, Terminator X Max.   Where RacePak protocol can be used, I am going to utilize that. 

Test data from a Terminator X from a running vehicle and non-running was taken to ensure accuracy. 

Haltech, Link and other ECUs are coming up next!

NexGenEFI Pro Edition Slim

Going to be moving to the printing phase.  PCB passed tests.  What this does is it enables me to have the smallest possible PCB, less heat, less power draw than the Ampseal version.

Its about the size of a credit card.

Thanks to our new Slim PCB design, we are empowered to create innovative products within the NexGenEFI Ecosystem, ensuring they are cost-competitive in the automotive industry.

Pro Edition Slim PCBs, rear view

Beta Testing Underway

Megasquirt, FuelTech, MaxxECU and ECUMaster are heading out for testing.  7″ and 10″ displays are being used in this effort.  Feedback will be prioritized in a Must-have, Should-have and Would-like to have categories and will be worked accordingly.

Release Date

December 1st is the release date for the Pro Edition Slim Series.  The Ampseal version will be phased out.  Please follow the Facebook page for a demo of the Slim Series to see why its the product to go forward with.

NexGenEFI Stickers!
Beta Tester version

Custom Dash Bezels

NexGenEFI, LLC can also design and produce professionally crafted custom dash bezels for your vehicle.  

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