New Case designs coming!

New Case!

While I thought the smaller 5″ square type case was “ok” and the 7″ case also, there was room for a more modern look.

Well here ya go!  All printed in ABS for durability.  Being that its new, I am behind printing cases.  I will have it on the website I believe Sunday (12/10/2023) but there may be a 1-2 day delay in shipping while I get caught up printing cases. 

NexGenEFI Shop and Status Update

Online Shop
The NexGenEFI Shop page is accessible!

There are various payment methods available from Credit Cards to Affirm for payment plans.


I am still working on additional layouts for the displays and will have a Pro Edition update page under the Support menu.  You will go there to check for updates to the firmware and the display layouts.

There are other products in design stage that are add-ons to the NexGenEFI Ecosystem.  Stay tuned to the Facebook page as that is where the latest news shows up.  Once on the Facebook page, it will appear within a few hours to a day on this page.

Progress Update: Sneak Peek of the Pro Edition Slim

The long hours are paying off.  Over the course of the past year spent long nights writing code, finding bugs, networking with aftermarket EFI manufacturers to come up with a product that is cost competitive in the market.

Here is a sneak peek at the NexGenEFI Pro Edition Slim digital dash.

Power is supplied from your vehicle at 12V along with Ground and various inputs to the ECU interface which is connected to the remote mount display via CAT5e cable.  The CAT5e cable supplies data and power to the display.

The PCB can be moved a distance away from the display.  NexGenEFI, LLC will supply a 3′ CAT5e cable but additional lengths will be available.

5″, 7″ and 10″ versions will be available along with something special that is being designed.  I would even go out on a limb and say this special thing is even better than the 10″ display.  

Stay tuned, there is still additional layouts to add which are already designed and cleaning up code for the current EFI systems which are supported.

On the to-do list is additional EFI systems to support and “Layout Packs” which can be added to the display.

Pro Edition Slim, 7"
Ampseal version on the LEFT, Pro Edition Slim on the RIGHT

Progress Update

ECU Support

Holley EFI has been added to the list.  Terminator X, Dominator, Terminator X Max.   Where RacePak protocol can be used, I am going to utilize that. 

Test data from a Terminator X from a running vehicle and non-running was taken to ensure accuracy. 

Haltech, Link and other ECUs are coming up next!

NexGenEFI Pro Edition Slim

Going to be moving to the printing phase.  PCB passed tests.  What this does is it enables me to have the smallest possible PCB, less heat, less power draw than the Ampseal version.

Its about the size of a credit card.

Thanks to our new Slim PCB design, we are empowered to create innovative products within the NexGenEFI Ecosystem, ensuring they are cost-competitive in the automotive industry.

Pro Edition Slim PCBs, rear view

Beta Testing Underway

Megasquirt, FuelTech, MaxxECU and ECUMaster are heading out for testing.  7″ and 10″ displays are being used in this effort.  Feedback will be prioritized in a Must-have, Should-have and Would-like to have categories and will be worked accordingly.

Release Date

December 1st is the release date for the Pro Edition Slim Series.  The Ampseal version will be phased out.  Please follow the Facebook page for a demo of the Slim Series to see why its the product to go forward with.

NexGenEFI Stickers!
Beta Tester version

Custom Dash Bezels

NexGenEFI, LLC can also design and produce professionally crafted custom dash bezels for your vehicle.  

Progress Update

Pro Edition Series

The 7″ and 10″ Pro Edition displays are going to undergo testing by a select few Beta Testers.

These Pro Edition setups have an Ampseal connector along with a harness which will support inputs from CANBus ECUs and Serial ECUs, blinkers, headlights, TPMS, Bluetooth GPS and fuel level sending units and a super bright 16 LED light bar which can be configured by NexGenEFI for your needs.  Case is a made in ABS for durability and UV resistance.

Pro Edition Slim Series

5″, 7″, 10″ display solutions! Another custom PCB has been designed and is undergoing testing.  This PCB was designed to enable the End User to remote mount their display a few feet from the custom PCB in a low-profile ABS case.  The Slim Series is ONLY for CANBus enabled ECUs and has the same inputs and LED light bar as the Pro Edition series.

Super secret project coming up!
There is one solution that is fixing to get started as soon as testing on the Slim Series PCB is complete.  No beans shall be spilled early on this one! 😉

NexGenEFI, LLC proudly supports all EFI manufacturers and will at no charge write code to support additional ECUs with purchase of a display.  If you are an EFI manufacturer and would like to carry our products with your system, please email us.


Final PCB

Received the new v1.3 PCB, fresh off the press!  

30% smaller, surface mount GPS, internal improvements.

Played around with the GPS, it works, pulls down 10hz updates.  I’ll play around with it some more.


Working with both of my graphics designers to optimize layouts and also create new layouts.  I should have some sort of progress report on that at least by this Sunday.

Beta Testers

FuelTech – not concerned.  Doing a final test but I ran that code 3x already. LOL.  Just want to be sure.

  1. Megasquirt- I run the EFI Source Gold Box, it works.  Tested against my Camaro.
  2. Speeduino Serial/CAN- Serial works.  CAN also I believe.
  3. MaxxECU- Already tested internally.
  4. ECUMaster – Already tested internally.
  5. OBD2 – Already tested internally.

What that means is I am sending out Pro Edition 7″ and 10″ displays to select Beta Testers that way they can hook it up to their vehicle, report back on what they like, dont like and so on.  I’ll tackle suggestions in 3 Categories: Must Have, Should Have and Would Like.  Must Haves will be knocked out, Should Have depends on level of effort and Would Like goes into the Backlog/prioritized to be worked incrementally.

Additional EFI Systems

Holley is coming up.  There are also more, I just need to look thru my list and prioritize.

If you are an EFI manufacturer and would like me to support your EFI system, please get in contact with me.

Release Date

I am looking at a December 1, 2023 release date.  I’ll have special Christmas pricing for the 7″ and 10″ Pro Edition displays.

v1.2 PCB (L) and v1.3 PCB (R)

Pro Edition – for Beta Testers

This is a sneak peek for the Pro Edition which will be mailed to Beta Testers.  The orange case is just internal use for myself.  They’ll be getting black cases.  So far I have the following EFI systems covered for testing:

  • FuelTech
  • MegaSquirt3
  • Speeduino CAN/Serial
  • OBD2

I believe I have a tester for MaxxECU and ECUMASTER but need to confirm.


LED Board

Its here!  The cool thing is, I’ll work with the End User on what they want it to do.  IE: Specific LEDs for Shift (like middle 4 or something) then the outer ones for other things they want configured.

This board goes on the inside of the case and is visible through the upper slot.



About two weeks have passed since the previous update.  There has been ALOT of progress.

  • Overall approach on how to optimize data processing while using both cores of the CPU has been implemented
  • BLE TPMS sensors are supported, code has been tested
  • Internal code to speed up gauge refresh has been completed
  • New PCB has arrived, has been tested
  • Warning lights for code has been implemented and tested
  • Configuration screen has been updated but needs more settings added
  • Layouts have been updated for additional features

PRO EDITION – Beta Testers –

I have (4) four Beta Testers which will test the Pro Edition. Two 7″ and two 10″ models will be going out.  These beta versions will have a limited amount of layouts since they are still being designed.  Their goal is to test usability, performance, overall physical appearance, documentation, ease of use and so on.

The following ECUs will be tested by the Beta Testers:

  • FuelTech
  • MegaSquirt
  • Speeduino CAN/Serial
  • OBD2

I believe I have another tester for MaxxECU and ECUMASTER.

Upcoming Development

  • LED Board should be here in the next 2-3 days.  This is the configurable shift light
  • Build Pro Edition beta units to mail out to Beta Testers
  • Update 10″ display layouts to match the 7″
  • Test inputs for blinkers, fuel sending unit, high beams

NexGenEFI PiDash

Due to constant nagging (just kidding), popular request I guess I’ll update the PiDash.  I’m going to try to move everything from the old site (the wiki page) to this site.

This is the free image I’ve been making available which runs on the Raspberry Pi 4 but since I hadnt updated it in quite a long time, some Raspberry Pi 4 boards had issues booting it.

Current status:

  • Linux image has been updated
  • Boots up, runs TunerStudio and my NexGenEFI PiDash configurator app works
  • VNC has been added and will enable you to remotely connect to it to tune instead of using a small display.  You will still be able to use the display directly with a keyboard and mouse if you want.

What needs to be done:

  • All of the customization to the Linux image, so thats on the to-do list. 

I’ll work on this as time allows.  The Pro Edition dash has priority.



How I track the work for the Pro Edition.

Alot has been going on behind the scenes.  I have 3 layouts created with another 3-4 on the way.  I need to make sure I can fit all of those on the Nextion itself.

The layouts are almost fully functional with small things like blinkers, warning lights and so on which need code written to support them.

TPMS BLE sensor code took me a few hours to write.  I can support two or four sensors which will be available as an add-on.

Still alot more code needs to be written and I’m testing as I go along.


New PCB has been created.  As I go thru writing code there are things that either myself or my PCB designer add / remove / improve.

Added was an accelerometer that way I can write code so you can test your 1/4 mile ET on street.

We’re going to add a SMT GPS but not this initial version.  For now I’m going to use the GPS that I’ve been writing code for.

The LED Shift light board is also being printed.  You’ll be able to configure the colors, sweep (L-R, In-Out etc).

These PCB runs are going to go out to beta testers.

So far a ton of good progress and minor road bumps but going really well!


Looks like a bug was found in the CANBus side.  I fixed it and released an update to the code.  Also added an additional check if the ESP32 and the Nextion cannot communicate, the BLUE LED will blink on the ESP32.  Its avail on the Community Edition link.

PCB testing has begun!

Internal testing has begun on the custom PCB!  All development will now shift to this board.  Super happy with this milestone!

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