Progress Update

Pro Edition Series

The 7″ and 10″ Pro Edition displays are going to undergo testing by a select few Beta Testers.

These Pro Edition setups have an Ampseal connector along with a harness which will support inputs from CANBus ECUs and Serial ECUs, blinkers, headlights, TPMS, Bluetooth GPS and fuel level sending units and a super bright 16 LED light bar which can be configured by NexGenEFI for your needs.  Case is a made in ABS for durability and UV resistance.

Pro Edition Slim Series

5″, 7″, 10″ display solutions! Another custom PCB has been designed and is undergoing testing.  This PCB was designed to enable the End User to remote mount their display a few feet from the custom PCB in a low-profile ABS case.  The Slim Series is ONLY for CANBus enabled ECUs and has the same inputs and LED light bar as the Pro Edition series.

Super secret project coming up!
There is one solution that is fixing to get started as soon as testing on the Slim Series PCB is complete.  No beans shall be spilled early on this one! 😉

NexGenEFI, LLC proudly supports all EFI manufacturers and will at no charge write code to support additional ECUs with purchase of a display.  If you are an EFI manufacturer and would like to carry our products with your system, please email us.

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