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Over the past few weeks, basically since the previous post there’s been a flurry of ideas, PCB design, code writin’ and other fun things.

I wanted to give Holley Users a heads up.  Instead of wiring up a CANBus & Power harness, we’ve taken the guess work out of it when it comes to hooking up your ECU to the NexLINK ECU Interface.  It connects directly to your Holley ECU and will provide Power, Ground, CAN Low and CAN High to the NexLINK and also has a extra CAN connection for other devices (laptop, Holley 3.5″ display etc).  Feel free to add it to the cart when purchasing a display.


Holley CANBus Harness


Pro Edition Race Column Mounts-
This custom piece from HG Manufacturing is crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum, featuring a black anodized finish for added durability. It is designed for individuals seeking not only a visually appealing digital dash but also a lightweight and strong option that aligns with their 5″ and 7″ Pro Edition mounts.  


NEW Products coming!


The NexCAST enables you to hook up multiple displays to the NexLINK.  That is just ONE of the features.  The idea here revolves around customizing a digital dashboard display to achieve a desired classic aesthetic, which may not be adequately accommodated by standard display sizes such as 5″, 7″, or 10″. By utilizing a combination of a 7″ display alongside a 5″ display, or another configuration, you can more effectively bring your digital dash concept to life. This flexibility allows for the creation of a tailored look that matches your vision.  The concept behind it is on the NexGenEFI Facebook page with a demo.  Software being written currently to utilize this functionality.



8 inputs resistance OR voltage individually configurable
2 EGT inputs
1 VR Speed input
1 Tachometer input

This option caters to two types of users: those with extra sensors they wish to display on the Pro Edition Digital Dash, and those using non-fuel-injected systems who want to utilize the Pro Edition Digital Dash.  NexNODE software will be in development in the next 2 weeks 🙂


NexGenEFI is expanding its offerings for Pro Edition users by introducing the NexLINK II, which includes all the features of the original NexLINK plus the addition of virtual switches. While the NexLINK II does increase the cost of the digital dash, it is equipped with a 600MHz processor alongside an ESP32. This setup not only enhances processing power but also supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth (BT), GPS, OBD2, and additional functionalities planned for the future.  Picture below is of the PCB showing additional features.   PCB will be at NexGenEFI HQ in the next two weeks.


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