Always writin’ code!

10 PRINT “Life is Code”
20 PRINT “Code is Life”
30 GOTO 10

Layout progress

Two new layouts have been added and two removed.  One is the “Race layout” and the second is called “Majestic”.  Please go to the Gallery to look at the photos to see all the current layouts included in a digital dash.  In progress is the Motorcycle layout. 
 *Race layout – this layout allows the end user to select 9 different data points to display on the race layout.

Locating dot has been added to each layout.  It is a GREEN DOT which notifies the user where the touch sensitive area is which enables said user to access the Configuration Screen.


Over the next few days, the website will be updated to reflect the functionality added to the NexGenEFI Digital Dash.

New Products

NexGenEFI goes beyond just offering a digital dash. Our aim is to deliver technology and data to your NexGenEFI digital dash swiftly, accurately, and with visual appeal.

Introducing NexNODE, the first expansion in the NexGenEFI Ecosystem. This device brings 8 additional inputs and 2 EGT sensor inputs to your digital dash. It communicates data efficiently via CANBus to the NexLink Pro ECU Interface, ensuring prompt and clear data display.

Currently the PCB is in testing.

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