About two weeks have passed since the previous update.  There has been ALOT of progress.

  • Overall approach on how to optimize data processing while using both cores of the CPU has been implemented
  • BLE TPMS sensors are supported, code has been tested
  • Internal code to speed up gauge refresh has been completed
  • New PCB has arrived, has been tested
  • Warning lights for code has been implemented and tested
  • Configuration screen has been updated but needs more settings added
  • Layouts have been updated for additional features

PRO EDITION – Beta Testers –

I have (4) four Beta Testers which will test the Pro Edition. Two 7″ and two 10″ models will be going out.  These beta versions will have a limited amount of layouts since they are still being designed.  Their goal is to test usability, performance, overall physical appearance, documentation, ease of use and so on.

The following ECUs will be tested by the Beta Testers:

  • FuelTech
  • MegaSquirt
  • Speeduino CAN/Serial
  • OBD2

I believe I have another tester for MaxxECU and ECUMASTER.

Upcoming Development

  • LED Board should be here in the next 2-3 days.  This is the configurable shift light
  • Build Pro Edition beta units to mail out to Beta Testers
  • Update 10″ display layouts to match the 7″
  • Test inputs for blinkers, fuel sending unit, high beams

NexGenEFI PiDash

Due to constant nagging (just kidding), popular request I guess I’ll update the PiDash.  I’m going to try to move everything from the old site (the wiki page) to this site.

This is the free image I’ve been making available which runs on the Raspberry Pi 4 but since I hadnt updated it in quite a long time, some Raspberry Pi 4 boards had issues booting it.

Current status:

  • Linux image has been updated
  • Boots up, runs TunerStudio and my NexGenEFI PiDash configurator app works
  • VNC has been added and will enable you to remotely connect to it to tune instead of using a small display.  You will still be able to use the display directly with a keyboard and mouse if you want.

What needs to be done:

  • All of the customization to the Linux image, so thats on the to-do list. 

I’ll work on this as time allows.  The Pro Edition dash has priority.

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